Friday, 5 April 2013

My Work - Newborn Baby Girl Outfit, Dress, hat and shoes

I saw some cute baby girl dresses and had to try it out! Baby clothes are pretty fast to work up and oh so adorable...

Here is the outfit I came up with.

 Here is the front of the dress with the matching shoes and hat...
 This is the back of the dress with 2 flower buttons and one sewn in with the ribbons coming out...
This hat is completely my design to match the dress ^^ I love it...
 These are cute Marry Jane shoes with little flower buttons on the side :)
 I'm considering starting to sell my work... don't know about the time commitment... what if you get piled on with a ton of orders hehe... After I do a couple more dress, hat, and shoe designs maybe I'll consider it ^^

**~~ Update~~** The dress and shoes are now for sale in my shop with a Video Tutorial!


  1. are you selling your written instruction patterns?

  2. you should not say the pattern is free if there is no link